Terms of Business


• Company Information

Contracting party and responsible for this website:

In the US:

Dr. Clark Research Association
8135 Engineer Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

In Europe:

Dr. Clark Zentrum Ltd
152 Naxxar Rd #7
SGN9030 San Gwann

• General

The following terms apply for all orders. They are displayed online and are considered accepted when you place an order. When you place an order you also acknowledge the prices that are displayed online.

Additional agreements are only valid if they come in writing from us. Otherwise they are not binding, even if we do not expressly oppose.

Once you place an order online you receive a confirmation email confirming your order and total.

• Prices

The displayed prices are not binding. In case of obvious mistakes, e.g. error and typos, we reserve the right to bill the correct price. In such cases you can withdraw from your order.

Specials are not cumulative with other discounts, unless it is mentioned otherwise. The special discounts are deducted directly from the total on the invoice.

• Payment Terms

Delivery against invoice: Payment due upon receipt of merchandise without deductions.

Credit check: A credit check will be done on your credit history for the payment term: payment on delivery to protect our interests. We reserve the right based on the credit check to refuse payment on delivery.

In case of late payment, interest and expenses for collection are due, notwithstanding other claims.

Credit cards: We accept VISA, Master Card/Euro Card, and American Express.

Paypal: Orders paid with Paypal will have a 2 % commission added to the total amount.

• Delivery

All orders are shipped as quickly as possible by postal service or courier. Please let us know if you request a specific type of delivery. The parcels are usually turned over to the delivery service within 1-2 working days. The amount of time needed for delivery depends on the country and is about 4-5 working days within the US and within the European Union.

Delivery times guaranteed in writing are considered fulfilled when the parcel leaves our company in time.

If the merchandise is not in stock, the shipment is delayed if we expect resupplies within a few days. If resupplies are expected in more than a week, a partial delivery is shipped. The delivery of the out of stock items is free of charge. The customer has the right to withdraw from the order of the second delivery.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CLIENTS IN SWITZERLAND: Because dietary supplements are not free for sale in Switzerland, we send these products from the Netherlands without VAT. The shipping company (e.g. Postal Service, UPS or GLS) invoices the tax and customs fees to the recipient or collects them COD. Holland packages take about one week.

If a shipment is not accepted, we reserve the right to claim indemnification for all damages.

Please understand that follow up orders cannot be fulfilled if previous orders have not been paid yet. Outstanding debts that are not paid after written reminders were sent are collected through the court system.

System breakdowns, Government action, delays in supplies not due to our fault, strikes and lockouts as well as force majeure entitle us to withdraw in part or in full from the contract or to prolong the delivery time accordingly. If the merchandise cannot be supplied, we can withdraw from the contract.

• Packaging and Shipping

Delivery is to the invoice address, unless a different shipping address is specified at the time of order.

The merchandise is packed carefully.

Shipping is at the risk of the customer. The packaging cannot be returned or refunded. Packaging becomes the property of the customer. Shipping costs are charged to the customer, either flat rate as indicated on the order, or proportional to actual cost. The choice of the shipping method is done by us unless the customer requests a special kind of delivery, in which case any extra cost is charged to the customer.

• Money Back Guarantee

Complaints about the merchandise are to be directed in writing to our office within one week. In case of a damaged delivery, notify the shipper at the time of delivery on the receipt and us as soon as possible.

Please get a return permission before returning merchandise. Postage for returns is to be paid by the customer.

If you have a justified complaint about a product, we reserve the right to replace, refund or correct the merchandise. Other claims are ruled out. We do not accept liability for consequential damage.

You have a 30 day money back guarantee after receiving the merchandise. You do not need to justify your return. You can make use of your money back guarantee by sending your merchandise back to:

All countries except European Union and Switzerland:

Dr. Clark Research Association
1019 Hard Rock Rd
Somers, MT 59928
P +1-800-220 3741
F +1-866-662 0086
E-Mail: customerservice@drclark.com

In Germany:

Dr. Clark Zentrum Ltd
Augsburger Strasse 16
86157 Augsburg
Tel: +41-31-868 3131
Fax: +41-31-868 3132
E-Mail: kundenservice@drclark.com

European Union:

Dr. Clark Zentrum Ltd
c/o S&H Productfulfilment BV
Logistic Boulevard 1
4791VC Moerdijk
Tel: +41-31-868 3131
Fax: +41-31-868 3132
E-Mail: kundenservice@drclark.com


Dr. Clark Zentrum Ltd
Gersauerstrasse 76
Postfach 662
6440 Brunnen
Tel: +41-31-868 3131
Fax: +41-31-868 3132
E-Mail: customerservice@drclark.com

You must return the merchandise within 30 days. Between our shipping the merchandise and our receiving it back, a time of no more than 45 days must have elapsed, including all transports. The risk of shipping the merchandise back is with you. If you want to go the safe route, ship the parcel registered. The credit to your account is done right after receiving the merchandise back. If we do not have a credit card for you, we send you a check or transfer the money to your account, whatever is more convenient for us.

The merchandise must be in original intact packaging and not damaged or worn. Merchandise with a short shelf life is exempt from the money back guarantee, if they were purchased in the course of a special.

• Warranty

We incessantly work towards improving our units. Technical changes can therefore take place suddenly without announcement. The functionality of the units is guaranteed for two years. If you have a defunct unit please contact customer service. It is often not necessary to return the unit. Replacement parts are shipped free of charge. Defective units are repaired or replaced. Parts that are expected to wear and tear with normal use, such as the wrist bands for the zapper, do not fall under warranty.

Many of the products offered by us are natural products and their properties can change from batch to batch. For nutritional supplements, we guarantee at least 5 months to expiration. With specials we guarantee at least 2 months to expiration unless something else was indicated in the special. The expiration date applies to appropriate storage.

• Ownership of Merchandise

We reserve the ownership of the merchandise until delivery and full payment of the merchandise. All deliveries pertaining to one order are considered one legal transaction. We must immediately be notified of any distraint, seizure or other interference with out property rights through third parties, and provided the papers needed to protect our interests.

In case of sale to a third party, the customer must pass on the reservation of property to the new party. The claims towards the third party must be ceded to us to the unpaid amount, regardless of whether the merchandise has been altered in any way. Cession of the claims towards third parties does not free the customer from liability for the amount owed. We must be notified of any resale to third parties of the merchandise. If the contract is not observed by the customer, especially when outstanding debts are not paid, we have the right to reclaim the merchandise and the customer must surrender it. Reclaiming the merchandise does not free the customer from responsibility for any damage that arises from the contract. The customer must not pawn the merchandise, or use it as collateral, as long as we have any property rights to it. Executors must be told of our property right.

• Legal Domicile

If one or more clauses of these terms of business become invalid, the rest of the terms is still in place. The invalid clauses are replaced by the general pertinent legal clause or by a clause that is valid but complies with the original intentions of the invalid clause.

Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled before a competent court of law at the domicile of our company. The customer can be sued at his domicile, also.


The shipper ensures that the merchandise contains a correct customs invoice for import into other countries. Every country has its own rules with regards to importation of nutritional supplements and devices. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure they comply with any local requirements for import. We cannot be held responsible for import duties; or if customs refuses to let the merchandise enter, destroys it or sends it back. We retain the right to charge the customer any duties/taxes that the shipping company initialy charged us. No refund can be given if merchandise is not returned to us. If merchandise is returned, for example when the recipient refuses to pay customs duties, then we can only refund the merchandise in good condition without shipping cost and minus any incurred costs such as shipping the products back to us, storage fees etc. If any documentation is requested for the importation of the products, we will provide it if what is required can reasonable be expected from a manufacturer of nutritional supplements and devices.

• Privacy Statement:

Your personal info is always safe with us. We never sell our addresses to third parties and we also guarantee we won't flood you with tons of emails every week or with many letters. We do share the e-mailing list with a non profit association, Dr. Clark Information Center, so you can receive information on Dr. Hulda Clark that we can't give you. If you do not want to receive our or their e-mail newsletter, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every e-mail you receive. If you do not want to receive any postal mailings, contact us in any way to let us know.