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VariZapper 2.0

Quick Overview

DELIVERY: July 2018!

New VariZapper 2.0 with all necessary accessories.

Frequency therapy is one of the four pillars of the Dr. Clark system. The VariZapper 2.0 and VariGamma frequency generator 2.0 are the perfect assistants to ensure this is performed correctly. The new models feature some innovations and improvements:

- More precision thanks to the latest generation of electric components.
- No more disposable batteries. The fitted rechargeable battery can now be charged using the charger cable provided.
- Longer usage time per recharge
- Pre-program battery check: You’ll never have to stop a program because of a rund-down battery ever again. An automatic message will warn you if your battery level is critical.
- Easier to use thanks to a larger screen with higher resolution.
- Upload the program drivers into the library once, and you’ll have them available on the device forever.
- New program drivers can be loaded at low cost via a Smartphone app using NFC technology – Program driver cards are no longer necessary.
- More user-friendly – with a rotating wheel as the main operation mechanism